Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Key Words Of The Student Loan

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Process of registration of mortgage loans

Before to pass the route of slalom a mountain-skier studies it and repeatedly skips the actions in the consciousness, by submitting all of turns, springboards and steep areas. A client, opening the door of mortgage bank, at times knows neither the process of registration of mortgage loan nor process of registration student loan consolidation of rights on the real estate. To bargain over the terms of mortgage in such position not that it is quite impossible, but extremely heavily, and reminds the similar conduct of negotiations with a bank playing one gate. It can you seem that the terms offered to you are the best, that you reaped all of juices from a bank.

But suddenly is an unexpected turn, and you are ready to agree to the most bad terms or in general forgot about auction, only not to appear some propasti, and think only about that, how quick to make off this transaction. Therefore, acs student loans before to talk about negotiations with a bank, auction about the terms of crediting, we in detail describe weigh process of receipt of mortgage loan, federal student loans partly affecting the process of purchase of the real estate. In order that it is easy it was to present weigh process in integrity, we at first will give him as a table, and then will take apart every point individually.

When it is better to give a request in a bank

That our advice was not mislaid between lines, we will give him in beginning. To give a request in a bank the best of all till you began to look for an apartment. Those, who counted once, that all will pass smoothly, as at all, and then lost the last money and nerves, will accede to it without superfluous reasons. All, not having a similar experience, advise to read this chapter especially attentively.

If a mortgage bank is the necessary participant of your transaction, I.e. the alternative sources of financing do not exist,, even when it seems that portends nothing troubles, remember: there is one on a few thousand transactions, where such troubles arise out of nothing. This percent is very small, but consequences from a hit in him can be so great, what it is needed to be quits with hundredth stakes. For incorrigible optimists will make one example from practice.

The young pair of new repatriates appealed to the mediator with the purpose of purchase of apartment. They both worked, never did debts, two their relatives were already purchased habitation through this mediator, - as though remained only to find a suitable apartment and quick to the advocate. But on their happiness a consolidating student loans preliminary request was given, and an answer came till there was something it is signed. An answer did not abandon a chance to get mashkantu in any bank, as to their own amazement they appeared in the so-called "black-list". Reason - lost two years back teudat zeut.

Swindlers availed student loan repayment them for the signature of guarantee obligations. Self on itself it is not terrible and justice can be recovered through an appeal in a police and etc, but on it a lot of time will go away and about no purchase, certainly, it is out of the question.

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Mortgage bank

We will leave in a side the different bank programs, economic calculations and types of privileges. The point is that, even very well studying a theory and knowing everything about that is fixed you, you not always can it to get. At first, the process of registration of mortgage loan in Israel is difficult enough, not by chance taken no less than one and a half months on him. Not knowing his different nuances, but at times and submarine stone, it is possible to assume an error which will treat you in ten of thousands of shekeley in one or another kind. Secondly, the worker of bank with which you directly have business at processing of documents knows all of subtleties though and, but is a person interested. Under certain circumstances for him can be some personal, including material, personal interest to give out a loan subject to the conditions maximally advantageous a bank, but not advantageous for you.

Except for it, worker of bank not simply office worker, designing papers, and professional ish mekhirot is a man, engaged in a sale, as publicity or insurance agent. He studied different technologies of sale, psychology of target audiences, shorter, he knows how podlovit' you, outwardly here remaining the defender of your interests. Therefore, crossing the threshold of any bank, you must remember about one: director of bank villa already built itself, and defence of your interests – business is exceptional your.

Bank it is a place, where not only it is possible but also it is needed to bargain and much stronger, than at the market, buying cucumbers. In this book there is not that you can without effort know in a jar, those questions which are included in jurisdiction of advocates are not affected. Rather, vice versa, we talk about those things which a bank office worker will never tell a client. And some moments affected by us for advocates the simply closed theme. They can not give consultations on these questions not only, but even will not want to hear of them – will say at the best: I did not hear of it.

Our purpose – to show a bank such, what he appears before an ordinary client. We hope that this book will help someone to avoid errors, and to understand someone, where, when and as he was professionally processed. A book is structured, and a table of contents is hyperlinks on the proper chapters. It allows a reader quickly to find an answer for interesting his concrete question.

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