Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Loans in security for wine

The main lombard of Paris Credit Municipal de Paris began to give out loans in security for wine and champagne, edition of Times Online reports. Thus, the French usurer extended the list of the accepted things from valuables, clock, pictures and clothes from fur. Since it was declared about a new favour, in the first 48 hours the habitants of Paris brought in Credit Municipal more than 200 bottles of wine on a lump sum about 45 thousands euro (69 thousand dollars).

Clients can take loans in security for wine within 12 months. Thus a loan is equal to the half of the real cost brought by them swizzles. For safety of the wine clients can be quiet – at the pawnbroker's the special apartment is equipped for storage a maximal capaciousness to 90 thousand bottles.

Deciding to give such favour, Credit Municipal de Paris intends to attract the greater number of clients. For the last five years there is an amount of persons interested to get loans in the French lombards increased on 35 percents. Majority from them is women.

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