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Teaching in Europe and financial help

Do you think about that, to depart to study for a border? Do you want to open the mind and make an attempt study in a multinational environment? Most European biznes-shkoly befit for this purpose. But remember that at financing of teaching in Europe you can run into some problems.

If really to look on a thing, these difficulties nothing as compared to that waits you in biznes-shkole (namely, educational loading). you will have to point a lot of certificates, count a money taking into account a currency national exchange rate, to be as possible more active. But there is nothing impossible for a clever university entrant, having a calculator and access in the Internet.

Many international educational establishments develop the web sites as first "ports of entrance" for future students. There are not doubts, that it to a full degree behaves to the process of handing in applications, and also to possibility of receipt of financial help.

Each the business-school determines the variants of financial help foreign students variously. State loans are usually inaccessible foreigners, also it is enough difficult to get will eat for a private creditor, especially if you do not have a guarantor among the habitants of this country.

Canadian biznes-shkoly offer teaching on more low prices, than American and European schools. However for them the enough limited number of the programs of crediting and financing of teaching. It is needed to remember about it, making a decision, in what school to submit documents.

In most cases, the process of distributing of financial help begins since you are included, but to begin to be engaged in its search (and also filling of all of necessary for this purpose documents, if it is possible) it is needed yet on the stage of serve of documents in business-school. Many of the anchorwomen of European biznes-shkol are offered by the different variants of financing of teaching, including for foreign students.

International program of loans

To the number European biznes-shkol, which can be named truly international, French INSEAD, founded in 1959 belongs. Exactly a year ago INSEAD opened new kampus in Singapore, and now any of 700 students can be taught on a choice either in France or in Singapore, within the framework of single school conception "one school, two kampusa".

Enabled the accepted student to finance teaching by means of the program INSEAD/ABN Amro Global Loan Program, specially developed for foreign students.

A credit chart, accessible to any student, regardless of his nationality, is offered school at a collaboration with the bank of ABN Amro Bank, and covers all of cost of teaching ( and it is approximately 27,900 Euros, or $29,850). A credit is given out under the low fixed percent, and does not require a guarantee.

However much this credit covers the personal charges and expenses on a residence, in addition, for the receipt of loan a student is required the notarized copy of letter about put in INSEAD, filled form of documents on the receipt of credit, two letters of introduction, copy of resume, and finally, passport. Except for everything aforesaid, a student, applying on a loan, must personally pass an interview in one their branches of bank of ABN Amro. Students must have good credit history also.

London Business School concluded the similar agreeing with HSBC Bank, one of the largest banks of the world. A credit, given out this credit establishment, is accessible to the student of any nationality. He covers expenses on teaching (18,000 pound for 1 or $27,000) and residence, and the same is quite nelishnim for dear and fashionable London.

But there are a few terms which are imposed on a borrower, in particular, the last must have a bank account HSBC Bank during all of period of crediting. (Some creditors stipulate as the special condition that a borrower must fully liquidate a loan, if he does not settle down on work or right after completion of studies rides in the home country).

Financing subject to the conditions, friendly to the foreign citizens. If you consider that all of biznes-shkoly must give foreigners financing on favourable terms, it follows you to know about Oxford school of Said. There is not a department of financial help at this school.

A manager on marketing of school of Said explains it so: «A great deal depends on a student, he must try to find acceptable to itself grants in the home country». If you are not one of those candidates which «go» hunting for grantami on a motherland, you have a chance to get 27.750 dollars, as it takes a place from 67%-тами students.

On the web site of school of Said there is a lot of information about financing of teaching, therefore he can be examined as a starting point of search of grant. At searches pay a regard to such requirements, as "obligatory work is in Poland", "ability fluently to talk Arabic" or something other, that can disqualify you as a candidate.

Candidates from around the world. In swiss школеIMD the unique approach is to financing. A cost of the one-year program of teaching is 30.000 dollars. The general budget of student is made by almost 60.000 dollars, thus, teaching in IMD quite not cheap.

So high price is explanation that, why middle ages of students in IMD are 31 year. A magnificent on the beauty place attracts in IMD candidates from around the world (75% students to put in school worked outside the home country). From 85 accepted students about 25-30% require one or another sponsorship.

School is the very joined association: even program director MVA the name of every student knows. On grants and loans school selects approximately 1.5 million dollars. These facilities are distributed by advice of former students of school: in advice enter on one graduating student from every class. This system exceptionally well befits school of IMD: for all the time there was only one case, when a student did not fulfil a commitment on payment long.

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