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Credit without a purpose

Credits on urgent needs (KNN) allow to get in a jar the large sums of money and without Moscou registration. Such borrowers are however estimated with the special predilection.

Main advantage of KNN, or unhaving a special purpose loans, is possibility to get from a bank simply money, but not commodities (apartment, machine) which offer other types of consumer credits without fail. As compared to credit cards KNN suppose the large volumes of facilities and terms of crediting. For example, in Jar of Moscou the maximal sum of plastic credit makes 350 thousands of roubles within two years, and an unhaving a special purpose loan can be got in a size to 1 million roubles on four years. But a credit card is good that within the limits of the fixed limit it is possible the money of bank to avail not one time, but during the term of action of plastic (to three years). Certainly, on condition of timely debt liquidation. It appears after the first payment with the use of bank card. KNN is given out one time — a money is transferred on an open you account general delivery or on a debiting card. Taking off facilities (and to spend) is possible at once or by parts. On all of sum percents will begin nachislyat'sya already from the day of conclusion of credit treaty. Sometimes jars are taken by commissions for obnalichivanie of KNN — so, in Impeksbanke for drawing of money from an account through the cashdesk of bank 3% will take from a sum, and through «native» ATM — 2-3% (minimum 150 roubles).

If you decided to take a consumer loan, makes sense at first to take interest terms in a that financial institute which your employer co-operates with. As a rule, jars credit the employees of the corporate clients on favourable tariffs. A loan can treat you on a 1-2 percent point cheaper. For example, in Rayffayzenbanke of client «from a street» credit under 16,5% annual in roubles, and the «salary» — under 14,5%.

The term of consideration of request on the receipt of unhaving a special purpose credit in different jars makes from 1 to 12 days. Statement, as a rule, it is possible to fill on the site of financial institution. After treatment of request the employee of bank will report about the accepted decision in writing or by phone. Quick than all — for one day — promise to make a decision in Probiznesbanke and «Russian standard» (RS). Package of documents in all of financial institutes approximately identical: passport of Russian FEDERATION, second document, certifying personality (extern passport, driving certification, insurance policy of obligatory medical insurance, INN), copy of labour book (experience on the last job no less than six months), certificate about the profits of 2-НДФЛ or on a form a bank.

Big money. However KNN (as well as credit cards) frequently accessible only to the possessors of Moscou registration — without it consent to work only not many credit establishments. For example, in альфа-банке, RS and «Sos'ete Zheneral' the East» (BSZHV) of nemoskvichi can get from 300 thousand to 450 thousand of roubles for the term of 3-5 years. In Sitibanke limits are higher is to 750 thousand of roubles on five years. Thus a «white» pay-envelope must be no less than 70 thousand of roubles in a month. In Probiznesbanke to 750 thousand of roubles on three years can get clients not only with Moscou but also with tul'skoy registration. Profits are taken into account both official and «grey».

Limits on unhaving a special purpose loans allow to accomplish a large enough purchase. For example, to purchase a car. Even in spite of less advantageous interest rates, part of borrowers prefers having a special purpose loans exactly credits on urgent needs. So, in a jar «Revival» of stavka on unhaving a special purpose credit-side makes 19,5% annual in roubles plus a commission for delivery of credit 0,2% from the sum of primary debt. On an autocredit — 16% annual in roubles without additional commissions. But from the personal funds you pay primary payment in size of 10-20% from the cost of transport vehicle. KNN releases you from an obligatory collaboration with avtosalonami and insurance companies which are the partners of bank, besides it is not necessary to pay payment and design a machine in gage. And for the purchase of apartment in most cases size of unhaving a special purpose loan it will be not enough, especially if speech goes about Moscou.

Division of responsibility. Many jars at delivery of large sums insist on presentation of guarantee (private individual or legal) or mortgage. For example, in savings Bank without providing you can count to 45 thousand of roubles only on a credit. If financial institution does not require providing,, more credible than all, confirming the profit is possible it will be only the certificate of 2-НДФЛ about official profits (альфа-банк, Rayffayzenbank, Sitibank).

Life-insurance and ability to work of borrower at the receipt of credit on any sum is required in Jar of Moscou, Impeksbanke, Master-banke, BSZHV. But if in Jar of Moscou and BSZHV speech goes about large enough minimum sums (100 thousands of roubles and $3 thousands accordingly), in Master-banke you will have to be insured at a credit from 30 thousand of roubles, and in Impeksbanke — from 10 thousand of roubles. Choosing an insurance company is possible only in BSZHV, in three other financial institutes of such choice it is not. In Impeksbanke and Master-banke the cost of insurance settles accounts individually and depends on a sum, term of crediting, floor and age of borrower. Paid at signing of credit agreement in the office of bank. In BSZHV a cost of insurance is 1% from the limit of sum on weigh term of crediting. Paying insurance is possible at a heat or by annual payments. For example, if you took $3 thousands on three years, a cost of insurance will be $30 on weigh term ($10 in a year). There is an annual insurance bonus in Jar of Moscou — 0,7% from the sum of credit.

Most banks are taken by additional commissions for delivery and maintenance of unhaving a special purpose loans. At the best you will pay one time for «opening and maintenance of loan account» or for the «extension of credit». The size of commission can make from 0,2% (a bank is «Revival») to 3,5% (Finansbank) from the sum of credit. In Impeksbanke and Probiznesbanke raise a monthly commission for maintenance of account (0,8% and 1,5% accordingly). In Probiznesbanke on a rate 0,8% borrowers can expect with guarantors, and also teachers, teachers and physicians (they are considered the most exact payers).

Want to take a loan on the purchase of garage? Read how to do it!

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How to take a loan on the purchase of garage with the least overpayments

Terms and conventions

To "take a loan on acquisition of garage very really", – Anastasiya Semenets told, the director of company Credit Consulting. But for persons interested a jar usually pull out the row of terms. So, for example, you will not be able to purchase a co-operative garage in credit, as in this case a man will be neither the owner of apartment nor earth which it is on. Will say no in a loan also, if you will want to build a garage independently. And the prepared boxing of prokredituyut without problems. But first bankers certainly will want to see a state act at privatizations of earth, tekhpasport of garage and certificate-description from BTI.

A mortgage rescues

"Unfortunately, separate credit programs on the purchase of garage today in the Ukrainian jars it is not while, – explained to "15 minutes" Vladimir Payuk, the financial analyst of company Prostobank Consulting. – But there are credit products which, at a desire, it is possible to avail". At first, an ordinary mortgage credit can help you. In this case a garage will come forward a mortgage, and the size of loan will be equal 75-90% to his evaluation cost. Interest rates are attractive enough and 14-17% make in a hryvnya and 10-13% in currency. Another variant – to take a credit on a garage as adding to the loan on the purchase of apartment. But it is possible only in case that infused with you in new building.

On an overall cost

If a bank will not want to give out a credit, provided with such mortgage, and will demand the additional providing, it is possible to take advantage of the program of the consumer crediting in security. According to Natalia Zadorozhnoy, chief of management of marketing of Khoum Credit of Bank, in this case there can a mortgage be the real estate, car or deposit, placed in a jar, where you want to take a loan. Rates on such programs about 17,5% in grivnakh and 14% in currency. In addition, in credit can you give the overall cost of garage.

Dispersal field

If for the purchase of garage you do not have the small amount, specialists recommend to take advantage of the program of the unhaving a special purpose consumer crediting. Experts warn although, that it quite unprofitably. "Sums on such credits are substantially limited (as a rule, not more than 20 thousand of Uah), – Vladimir Payuk talks. – And rates are enough high – on the average, 50% annual in a hryvnya". Besides, on redemption of loan given no more than 3 years. "If a pleasing you garage is costed by men'she $5 thousand, such sum can be got, designing an ordinary credit card", – Vladimir Borovik, director of department, considers on crediting of fizlits Pravex-bank.

Opinion of expert

Taking a mortgage credit is needed, if cost of garage more than $10-15 thousand When his cost less than, a bezzalogovyy loan will walk up. Certainly, overpayments it will be anymore, but, no trouble with documents. Helen Sergunina, manager on development of company Tim-expert.

It's not very hard to take advantageous loan. Read six simple rules.

How to take an advantageous loan? Six simple rules of socializing with a bank

The first governed – not take a loan on coverage of "overdraught", which is offered by a bank

If for you on a bank account minus, first, that will offer to you a bank, it a "magic decision" is a loan on coverage of overdraught. It is needed to know that similar loan – the dearest from all, which offer jars, though and most popular. Its popularity is conditioned that for its receipt, filling of great number of forms and conducting of some verifications is not required. Do you want a money? Please, will get, and can be not even interested in every shallow details. However if you all the same will take interest the size of percent which this loan is given under,, probably, will not consider this decision such magic.

The second governed – that a bank advertises, advantageously to the bank, but not his clients

You take it easy to take loans which jars are advertised on a television set, radio or in newspapers. They care of the income. Search loans which not awarded with loud advertising.

The third governed – check, whether you do not belong to the privileged group of population

In any bank there are the privileged groups of population, which can get a loan on favourable terms. Above all things, it is students, or, more precisely, possessors of student card, it is unimportant, they study or work. Students are that part of population, which all of jars go hunting for, as in the future they will grow into the most solid clients. Student loans, as a rule, are given under the percent of "praym" or even "praym" minus a few tenth percent. Another privileged part of population is civil servants. To on extremely to the measure, to the end of 2008 it follows them to apply for loans in the bank of "Yakhav", which serves gossektor. Frequently gossluzhaschie can get there a loan under a percent, in general unconnected with the percent of "praym". By the way, even if you are not gossluzhaschim, but there is someone them from your relatives, makes sense to ask him to take a loan on the name, and to provide a return the deferred cotter pins.

The fourth governed – a loan can be taken not only in a bank

True, at once want to warn that loans, offered the companies of credit cards, taking is not needed – they are yet dearer, than in jars. Above all things, it is necessary to appeal to the insurance companies. If your insurance policy is more than three years, without the special problems a loan will be given out you in security for a policy with the percent of "praym". Insurance companies also will give out you a loan in security for the fund of the in-plant or pension cashdesk training. Another variant is a loan through an employer. Many bank separations enter into with employers a contract, allowing to get a loan under the percent of "praym", and to return it "straight", from a pay-envelope. That especially well – this loan does not pass in bank lists as your obligation and will not prevent you, if may need, to take an additional loan.

The fifth governed – than less than bank, so much the better terms

A little bank, as a rule, will present you the best terms for a loan, simply because you, as a client, for him more valuable, than for a large bank.

The sixth governed – with jars it is possible and it is needed to bargain

The terms of loans, offered jars, are not carved on a stone and fully subject a discussion. And than better your financial position, than your fiscal policy is more well-organized, the stronger your trumps in auction with a bank.

Do you know what is student loans consolidation?

What student loans consolidation?

You get a few student credits for support of your research. After an output, you must begin to pay these student loans. These student loans act with different interest rates and they have different terms of redemption, for every month. It can you be difficult to manage your numerous student loans and ill-timed payment of payments or to skip payment can scotch your credit rating.

A credit is Student Consolidation of Program is program of loans for students and graduating students in different student loans for sinking debts to do simpler. However before signing the dotted line, this is important for a student to understand some basic facts about consolidation.

What student loans consolidation, will the program be?

The program allows to unite student loans consolidation all of the loans for excellent studies. For example, if for you am three separate state student credits, you can unite them in a single loan. Technically all three these credits will be considered paid in full and a new loan will be carried out, on the place. A basic idea consists in that you get a new credit on redemption of all of Your prominent student loans; means that in place of that, 3 student credits from 3 redemption of sum and term, after consolidation of loans, for you only one credit in one and return of sum of one set date. It will allow you to manage your a credit is easier.

How is a student of loan of consolidation, the program will help?

Due to the association of Your prominent student credits through the commercial programs of consolidation, mainly you can enjoy at least three advantages :

1. Comfortable more Detailed

In a few student credits, it is needed it will be again to bring in payments once or twice in a month; it means that is present more document and terms, to register. There more chances, that you can skip one of them and will deliver you to do ill-timed payment. you can be delivered from this effort, constantly to unite them in single and return will do you it is simpler to watch only one payment from one set maturity and sum date.

2. To save you a little bit of money

All of loans act with interest, so that student loans. In spite of the fact that student loans, usually have more low interest rates, student loans consolidation in the program, can be able to negotiate on more low percent your new loan, what consolidation of all of current lending rates and to economize some sum of money on percents. For example, for you am 3 unliquidated credits it can be suggested to bring in $ 150 monthly all to three to the creditors. It in general complication $ 450 in a month. After consolidation from one payment not required, and such payment, as a rule, far less than, than the combined payments from all of loans. It can much mean for you especially if you are a novice of graduating students, who recently began in your career, which do not have own profits, necessary for coverage of charges large credit right now.

3. Additional possibilities of redemption

Consolidation of Your student loans can open additional possibilities for you. A postponement can be given you with a choice and / return more possibilities. These suggestions can appear useful, if you want to continue the education at other level try to find job in your area or testing financial pressures.

At the last

Management Your numerous student credits - it not too difficultly, but it is possible to do them more comfortable and simpler to unite them a way in one through student loans consolidation program and to use blessings which he can offers. However to put in any of educational credit program of consolidation, you must know details and provide a package indeed inlaid with you finances.

How to use loans

What is loan and why we need to use them

With every year all by greater popularity in sew on the mortgage crediting (mortgage) or loan uses a country in security for the bought real estate. A mortgage credit allows to purchase habitation already today, to live in him, and to pay off his overall cost during many years. A mortgage credit or mortgage is a long-term money loan, given out for the purchase of the real estate, in security for this real estate.

- The mortgage crediting takes the degree of inflationary risks on it is not
- Payment of cost of the real estate, in accordance with the terms of mortgage, takes a place not one-time, but stretched on a long term, that financially considerably more advantageous than odnomomentnoy payment
- The sums of payments, related to redemption of mortgage credit, are fixed in the moment of receipt of credit
- Possibility of registration (registrations) is in the apartment purchased on a mortgage
- Mortgage today is an advantageous capital investment (at present market of price tendencies on the real estate grow on the average from 14,5 to 30% in a year).

The first mentions about a mortgage credit meet as early as ancient greek documents, dated VI in. B.C. Historians consider that a mortgage credit appeared due to an archon Solonu which obligated a creditor as a guarantee of return long to provide him earth. A post, which was put on the border of lot land of borrower on which marks were inflicted about all of debts of creditor, served as confirmation of transaction, mortgage named now. Strictly speaking, a mortgage (from grech. Hypotheka) is translated into Russian, as a prop. Principle of mortgage credit did not change until now - he is given out under the financial providing, which an apartment, machine or earth, can come forward as. To date a mortgage credit is the most claimed financial service.

Advantages of the program of the mutual crediting:

- For the receipt of loan one passport is needed. A certificate about profits and guarantors is not needed;
- Program participants takes a title on the receipt of the assured loan for acquisition of habitation;
- Low interest rates, taking into account all of additional payments, a percent will not be higher 10 % annual.
- General rise in the prices of habitation 18-20%;
- Protracted term of arranging on the installment system of payment;
- Possibility of registration of owner of habitation and family members is in the purchased apartment.

Don't know why to use loand? Read this.