Friday, May 2, 2008

What is loan and why we need to use them

With every year all by greater popularity in sew on the mortgage crediting (mortgage) or loan uses a country in security for the bought real estate. A mortgage credit allows to purchase habitation already today, to live in him, and to pay off his overall cost during many years. A mortgage credit or mortgage is a long-term money loan, given out for the purchase of the real estate, in security for this real estate.

- The mortgage crediting takes the degree of inflationary risks on it is not
- Payment of cost of the real estate, in accordance with the terms of mortgage, takes a place not one-time, but stretched on a long term, that financially considerably more advantageous than odnomomentnoy payment
- The sums of payments, related to redemption of mortgage credit, are fixed in the moment of receipt of credit
- Possibility of registration (registrations) is in the apartment purchased on a mortgage
- Mortgage today is an advantageous capital investment (at present market of price tendencies on the real estate grow on the average from 14,5 to 30% in a year).

The first mentions about a mortgage credit meet as early as ancient greek documents, dated VI in. B.C. Historians consider that a mortgage credit appeared due to an archon Solonu which obligated a creditor as a guarantee of return long to provide him earth. A post, which was put on the border of lot land of borrower on which marks were inflicted about all of debts of creditor, served as confirmation of transaction, mortgage named now. Strictly speaking, a mortgage (from grech. Hypotheka) is translated into Russian, as a prop. Principle of mortgage credit did not change until now - he is given out under the financial providing, which an apartment, machine or earth, can come forward as. To date a mortgage credit is the most claimed financial service.

Advantages of the program of the mutual crediting:

- For the receipt of loan one passport is needed. A certificate about profits and guarantors is not needed;
- Program participants takes a title on the receipt of the assured loan for acquisition of habitation;
- Low interest rates, taking into account all of additional payments, a percent will not be higher 10 % annual.
- General rise in the prices of habitation 18-20%;
- Protracted term of arranging on the installment system of payment;
- Possibility of registration of owner of habitation and family members is in the purchased apartment.

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