Friday, May 2, 2008

How to take a loan on the purchase of garage with the least overpayments

Terms and conventions

To "take a loan on acquisition of garage very really", – Anastasiya Semenets told, the director of company Credit Consulting. But for persons interested a jar usually pull out the row of terms. So, for example, you will not be able to purchase a co-operative garage in credit, as in this case a man will be neither the owner of apartment nor earth which it is on. Will say no in a loan also, if you will want to build a garage independently. And the prepared boxing of prokredituyut without problems. But first bankers certainly will want to see a state act at privatizations of earth, tekhpasport of garage and certificate-description from BTI.

A mortgage rescues

"Unfortunately, separate credit programs on the purchase of garage today in the Ukrainian jars it is not while, – explained to "15 minutes" Vladimir Payuk, the financial analyst of company Prostobank Consulting. – But there are credit products which, at a desire, it is possible to avail". At first, an ordinary mortgage credit can help you. In this case a garage will come forward a mortgage, and the size of loan will be equal 75-90% to his evaluation cost. Interest rates are attractive enough and 14-17% make in a hryvnya and 10-13% in currency. Another variant – to take a credit on a garage as adding to the loan on the purchase of apartment. But it is possible only in case that infused with you in new building.

On an overall cost

If a bank will not want to give out a credit, provided with such mortgage, and will demand the additional providing, it is possible to take advantage of the program of the consumer crediting in security. According to Natalia Zadorozhnoy, chief of management of marketing of Khoum Credit of Bank, in this case there can a mortgage be the real estate, car or deposit, placed in a jar, where you want to take a loan. Rates on such programs about 17,5% in grivnakh and 14% in currency. In addition, in credit can you give the overall cost of garage.

Dispersal field

If for the purchase of garage you do not have the small amount, specialists recommend to take advantage of the program of the unhaving a special purpose consumer crediting. Experts warn although, that it quite unprofitably. "Sums on such credits are substantially limited (as a rule, not more than 20 thousand of Uah), – Vladimir Payuk talks. – And rates are enough high – on the average, 50% annual in a hryvnya". Besides, on redemption of loan given no more than 3 years. "If a pleasing you garage is costed by men'she $5 thousand, such sum can be got, designing an ordinary credit card", – Vladimir Borovik, director of department, considers on crediting of fizlits Pravex-bank.

Opinion of expert

Taking a mortgage credit is needed, if cost of garage more than $10-15 thousand When his cost less than, a bezzalogovyy loan will walk up. Certainly, overpayments it will be anymore, but, no trouble with documents. Helen Sergunina, manager on development of company Tim-expert.

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