Friday, May 2, 2008

How to take an advantageous loan? Six simple rules of socializing with a bank

The first governed – not take a loan on coverage of "overdraught", which is offered by a bank

If for you on a bank account minus, first, that will offer to you a bank, it a "magic decision" is a loan on coverage of overdraught. It is needed to know that similar loan – the dearest from all, which offer jars, though and most popular. Its popularity is conditioned that for its receipt, filling of great number of forms and conducting of some verifications is not required. Do you want a money? Please, will get, and can be not even interested in every shallow details. However if you all the same will take interest the size of percent which this loan is given under,, probably, will not consider this decision such magic.

The second governed – that a bank advertises, advantageously to the bank, but not his clients

You take it easy to take loans which jars are advertised on a television set, radio or in newspapers. They care of the income. Search loans which not awarded with loud advertising.

The third governed – check, whether you do not belong to the privileged group of population

In any bank there are the privileged groups of population, which can get a loan on favourable terms. Above all things, it is students, or, more precisely, possessors of student card, it is unimportant, they study or work. Students are that part of population, which all of jars go hunting for, as in the future they will grow into the most solid clients. Student loans, as a rule, are given under the percent of "praym" or even "praym" minus a few tenth percent. Another privileged part of population is civil servants. To on extremely to the measure, to the end of 2008 it follows them to apply for loans in the bank of "Yakhav", which serves gossektor. Frequently gossluzhaschie can get there a loan under a percent, in general unconnected with the percent of "praym". By the way, even if you are not gossluzhaschim, but there is someone them from your relatives, makes sense to ask him to take a loan on the name, and to provide a return the deferred cotter pins.

The fourth governed – a loan can be taken not only in a bank

True, at once want to warn that loans, offered the companies of credit cards, taking is not needed – they are yet dearer, than in jars. Above all things, it is necessary to appeal to the insurance companies. If your insurance policy is more than three years, without the special problems a loan will be given out you in security for a policy with the percent of "praym". Insurance companies also will give out you a loan in security for the fund of the in-plant or pension cashdesk training. Another variant is a loan through an employer. Many bank separations enter into with employers a contract, allowing to get a loan under the percent of "praym", and to return it "straight", from a pay-envelope. That especially well – this loan does not pass in bank lists as your obligation and will not prevent you, if may need, to take an additional loan.

The fifth governed – than less than bank, so much the better terms

A little bank, as a rule, will present you the best terms for a loan, simply because you, as a client, for him more valuable, than for a large bank.

The sixth governed – with jars it is possible and it is needed to bargain

The terms of loans, offered jars, are not carved on a stone and fully subject a discussion. And than better your financial position, than your fiscal policy is more well-organized, the stronger your trumps in auction with a bank.

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