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Credit without a purpose

Credits on urgent needs (KNN) allow to get in a jar the large sums of money and without Moscou registration. Such borrowers are however estimated with the special predilection.

Main advantage of KNN, or unhaving a special purpose loans, is possibility to get from a bank simply money, but not commodities (apartment, machine) which offer other types of consumer credits without fail. As compared to credit cards KNN suppose the large volumes of facilities and terms of crediting. For example, in Jar of Moscou the maximal sum of plastic credit makes 350 thousands of roubles within two years, and an unhaving a special purpose loan can be got in a size to 1 million roubles on four years. But a credit card is good that within the limits of the fixed limit it is possible the money of bank to avail not one time, but during the term of action of plastic (to three years). Certainly, on condition of timely debt liquidation. It appears after the first payment with the use of bank card. KNN is given out one time — a money is transferred on an open you account general delivery or on a debiting card. Taking off facilities (and to spend) is possible at once or by parts. On all of sum percents will begin nachislyat'sya already from the day of conclusion of credit treaty. Sometimes jars are taken by commissions for obnalichivanie of KNN — so, in Impeksbanke for drawing of money from an account through the cashdesk of bank 3% will take from a sum, and through «native» ATM — 2-3% (minimum 150 roubles).

If you decided to take a consumer loan, makes sense at first to take interest terms in a that financial institute which your employer co-operates with. As a rule, jars credit the employees of the corporate clients on favourable tariffs. A loan can treat you on a 1-2 percent point cheaper. For example, in Rayffayzenbanke of client «from a street» credit under 16,5% annual in roubles, and the «salary» — under 14,5%.

The term of consideration of request on the receipt of unhaving a special purpose credit in different jars makes from 1 to 12 days. Statement, as a rule, it is possible to fill on the site of financial institution. After treatment of request the employee of bank will report about the accepted decision in writing or by phone. Quick than all — for one day — promise to make a decision in Probiznesbanke and «Russian standard» (RS). Package of documents in all of financial institutes approximately identical: passport of Russian FEDERATION, second document, certifying personality (extern passport, driving certification, insurance policy of obligatory medical insurance, INN), copy of labour book (experience on the last job no less than six months), certificate about the profits of 2-НДФЛ or on a form a bank.

Big money. However KNN (as well as credit cards) frequently accessible only to the possessors of Moscou registration — without it consent to work only not many credit establishments. For example, in альфа-банке, RS and «Sos'ete Zheneral' the East» (BSZHV) of nemoskvichi can get from 300 thousand to 450 thousand of roubles for the term of 3-5 years. In Sitibanke limits are higher is to 750 thousand of roubles on five years. Thus a «white» pay-envelope must be no less than 70 thousand of roubles in a month. In Probiznesbanke to 750 thousand of roubles on three years can get clients not only with Moscou but also with tul'skoy registration. Profits are taken into account both official and «grey».

Limits on unhaving a special purpose loans allow to accomplish a large enough purchase. For example, to purchase a car. Even in spite of less advantageous interest rates, part of borrowers prefers having a special purpose loans exactly credits on urgent needs. So, in a jar «Revival» of stavka on unhaving a special purpose credit-side makes 19,5% annual in roubles plus a commission for delivery of credit 0,2% from the sum of primary debt. On an autocredit — 16% annual in roubles without additional commissions. But from the personal funds you pay primary payment in size of 10-20% from the cost of transport vehicle. KNN releases you from an obligatory collaboration with avtosalonami and insurance companies which are the partners of bank, besides it is not necessary to pay payment and design a machine in gage. And for the purchase of apartment in most cases size of unhaving a special purpose loan it will be not enough, especially if speech goes about Moscou.

Division of responsibility. Many jars at delivery of large sums insist on presentation of guarantee (private individual or legal) or mortgage. For example, in savings Bank without providing you can count to 45 thousand of roubles only on a credit. If financial institution does not require providing,, more credible than all, confirming the profit is possible it will be only the certificate of 2-НДФЛ about official profits (альфа-банк, Rayffayzenbank, Sitibank).

Life-insurance and ability to work of borrower at the receipt of credit on any sum is required in Jar of Moscou, Impeksbanke, Master-banke, BSZHV. But if in Jar of Moscou and BSZHV speech goes about large enough minimum sums (100 thousands of roubles and $3 thousands accordingly), in Master-banke you will have to be insured at a credit from 30 thousand of roubles, and in Impeksbanke — from 10 thousand of roubles. Choosing an insurance company is possible only in BSZHV, in three other financial institutes of such choice it is not. In Impeksbanke and Master-banke the cost of insurance settles accounts individually and depends on a sum, term of crediting, floor and age of borrower. Paid at signing of credit agreement in the office of bank. In BSZHV a cost of insurance is 1% from the limit of sum on weigh term of crediting. Paying insurance is possible at a heat or by annual payments. For example, if you took $3 thousands on three years, a cost of insurance will be $30 on weigh term ($10 in a year). There is an annual insurance bonus in Jar of Moscou — 0,7% from the sum of credit.

Most banks are taken by additional commissions for delivery and maintenance of unhaving a special purpose loans. At the best you will pay one time for «opening and maintenance of loan account» or for the «extension of credit». The size of commission can make from 0,2% (a bank is «Revival») to 3,5% (Finansbank) from the sum of credit. In Impeksbanke and Probiznesbanke raise a monthly commission for maintenance of account (0,8% and 1,5% accordingly). In Probiznesbanke on a rate 0,8% borrowers can expect with guarantors, and also teachers, teachers and physicians (they are considered the most exact payers).

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