Thursday, May 8, 2008

Process of registration of mortgage loans

Before to pass the route of slalom a mountain-skier studies it and repeatedly skips the actions in the consciousness, by submitting all of turns, springboards and steep areas. A client, opening the door of mortgage bank, at times knows neither the process of registration of mortgage loan nor process of registration student loan consolidation of rights on the real estate. To bargain over the terms of mortgage in such position not that it is quite impossible, but extremely heavily, and reminds the similar conduct of negotiations with a bank playing one gate. It can you seem that the terms offered to you are the best, that you reaped all of juices from a bank.

But suddenly is an unexpected turn, and you are ready to agree to the most bad terms or in general forgot about auction, only not to appear some propasti, and think only about that, how quick to make off this transaction. Therefore, acs student loans before to talk about negotiations with a bank, auction about the terms of crediting, we in detail describe weigh process of receipt of mortgage loan, federal student loans partly affecting the process of purchase of the real estate. In order that it is easy it was to present weigh process in integrity, we at first will give him as a table, and then will take apart every point individually.

When it is better to give a request in a bank

That our advice was not mislaid between lines, we will give him in beginning. To give a request in a bank the best of all till you began to look for an apartment. Those, who counted once, that all will pass smoothly, as at all, and then lost the last money and nerves, will accede to it without superfluous reasons. All, not having a similar experience, advise to read this chapter especially attentively.

If a mortgage bank is the necessary participant of your transaction, I.e. the alternative sources of financing do not exist,, even when it seems that portends nothing troubles, remember: there is one on a few thousand transactions, where such troubles arise out of nothing. This percent is very small, but consequences from a hit in him can be so great, what it is needed to be quits with hundredth stakes. For incorrigible optimists will make one example from practice.

The young pair of new repatriates appealed to the mediator with the purpose of purchase of apartment. They both worked, never did debts, two their relatives were already purchased habitation through this mediator, - as though remained only to find a suitable apartment and quick to the advocate. But on their happiness a consolidating student loans preliminary request was given, and an answer came till there was something it is signed. An answer did not abandon a chance to get mashkantu in any bank, as to their own amazement they appeared in the so-called "black-list". Reason - lost two years back teudat zeut.

Swindlers availed student loan repayment them for the signature of guarantee obligations. Self on itself it is not terrible and justice can be recovered through an appeal in a police and etc, but on it a lot of time will go away and about no purchase, certainly, it is out of the question.

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Mortgage bank

We will leave in a side the different bank programs, economic calculations and types of privileges. The point is that, even very well studying a theory and knowing everything about that is fixed you, you not always can it to get. At first, the process of registration of mortgage loan in Israel is difficult enough, not by chance taken no less than one and a half months on him. Not knowing his different nuances, but at times and submarine stone, it is possible to assume an error which will treat you in ten of thousands of shekeley in one or another kind. Secondly, the worker of bank with which you directly have business at processing of documents knows all of subtleties though and, but is a person interested. Under certain circumstances for him can be some personal, including material, personal interest to give out a loan subject to the conditions maximally advantageous a bank, but not advantageous for you.

Except for it, worker of bank not simply office worker, designing papers, and professional ish mekhirot is a man, engaged in a sale, as publicity or insurance agent. He studied different technologies of sale, psychology of target audiences, shorter, he knows how podlovit' you, outwardly here remaining the defender of your interests. Therefore, crossing the threshold of any bank, you must remember about one: director of bank villa already built itself, and defence of your interests – business is exceptional your.

Bank it is a place, where not only it is possible but also it is needed to bargain and much stronger, than at the market, buying cucumbers. In this book there is not that you can without effort know in a jar, those questions which are included in jurisdiction of advocates are not affected. Rather, vice versa, we talk about those things which a bank office worker will never tell a client. And some moments affected by us for advocates the simply closed theme. They can not give consultations on these questions not only, but even will not want to hear of them – will say at the best: I did not hear of it.

Our purpose – to show a bank such, what he appears before an ordinary client. We hope that this book will help someone to avoid errors, and to understand someone, where, when and as he was professionally processed. A book is structured, and a table of contents is hyperlinks on the proper chapters. It allows a reader quickly to find an answer for interesting his concrete question.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Loans in security for wine

The main lombard of Paris Credit Municipal de Paris began to give out loans in security for wine and champagne, edition of Times Online reports. Thus, the French usurer extended the list of the accepted things from valuables, clock, pictures and clothes from fur. Since it was declared about a new favour, in the first 48 hours the habitants of Paris brought in Credit Municipal more than 200 bottles of wine on a lump sum about 45 thousands euro (69 thousand dollars).

Clients can take loans in security for wine within 12 months. Thus a loan is equal to the half of the real cost brought by them swizzles. For safety of the wine clients can be quiet – at the pawnbroker's the special apartment is equipped for storage a maximal capaciousness to 90 thousand bottles.

Deciding to give such favour, Credit Municipal de Paris intends to attract the greater number of clients. For the last five years there is an amount of persons interested to get loans in the French lombards increased on 35 percents. Majority from them is women.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Why to get a credit, especially on a large sum, does remain heavily?

Bank clients until now are surprised, why to get a credit, especially on a large sum, remains similarly heavily, as well as before. Besides, that many of them are the clients of these finuchrezhdeniy for 5-10 years and always in time paid off a credit. Not only a client has in plenty driven with documents, to prove the decency, so get a rate the same, as all.

Certainly, for most conscientious bank clients it appears offensive – in fact it has in a great deal itself to refuse, paying a credit body and percents on him each month. And, as a result, to have the same percent on credit-side, what for a man which not going quite to pay him. That in the case of nevozvrata of money of «kidaloy» in a role of «scapegoat» an in good condition borrower will come forward actually, and quite not bank. In fact in a high interest rate, especially on consumer credits, losses are stopped up from possible nevozvratov. From other side, incomprehensible, why do not jars want to ensure itself against unrespectable clients, divided information about the clients with other jars.

Does an avidity ruin jars?

An answer is simple is an avidity and excessive carefulness of banks. They do not want to be divided the database neither on problem nor to on «good» clients. In fact, passing information about respectable borrowers in the bureau of credit histories (BKI), jars the same risk to be deprived the best the clientele. Having such database, competitors will be able it is simple to entice it more advantageous terms. At the same time, divided information about problem defaulters, finuchrezhdeniya risk to get in sign of national Bank and investors as a bank, having a large volume of problem debt.

In the total we look after extremely languid activity of banks to participating in the bureau of credit histories, which, in fact, must unite jars information about borrowers. As participating in him is voluntary, jars are very reluctantly divided the information, and queries in a bureau do not so often. Although in the agreements of jar propisyvayut at times, they say, whether a client agrees, that information about him was passed in a bureau.

However much a client can renounce to pass information. In principle, it must become reason of refuse of bank to co-operate with such client. In fact for financiers must cause suspicion that a man tries to hide from BKI some the information. But as practice shows, the employees of bank often close eyes on it, the same putting the bank under the threat of receipt of another «hanging» credit.

Question of receipt of information about solvency of applicant, actually, a jar which checks, what real incomes, is laid on service safety for a client, whether he has enough necessary property. All of it complicates work of bank, and does not bring the desired result. In fact even owning property, a client can not pay on credit-side. And expenses on beating out debts and sale of property of borrower are very khlopotnoe and dear employment. Therefore more reasonable for banks – to chop off a bad borrower yet till a credit is given out. And it is impossible without an appeal in BKI.

However while credit history of client is studied jars very superficially, as information about it until now remains closed.

BKI unite

Four national bureaus of credit histories work in a country: «International bureau of credit histories», «First allukrainian bureau of credit histories», «Ukrainian bureau of credit histories» and bureau of credit histories the «Russian standard», which unite a few ten of banks. Thus, three from them began to work at the end of before last year. For the given information on one history of BKI take 2-3 dollars of the USA.

Till recently bureaus worked separately, only co-ordinating the work. That, if a bureau did not have a borrower in the database, it could appeal to other bureau for help. However, to give information or not is was already the voluntarily decision of the last. However in March, 2008 four operating bureaus decided to unite everything the databases, to have a maximum of access to the informative resources of each other.

Actually, between all of bureaus must pass an exchange information on the basic credit products of banks. In addition, credit bureaus by law can be connected to the state databases. Therefore now bureaus work above joining of databases ministry of internal affairs, also negotiated on analogical initiative with pension a fund.

Jars become loyal'ney to BKI

Begin more active to work with BKI and jars, presumably, beginning to understand all of advantages of their work. In fact a bureau for them is not only a base of these problem borrowers but also possibility naladit' the effective skorringovuyu system. Thus, a bank both ensures itself against risks and accelerates the process of delivery of credits. And can this overcome more borrowers from a number conscientious, giving them a less percent and reducing the amount of problem clients.

However, it is the future while. In the real life of conscientious payers while wait the former terms of credits. In fact in an order to give out favourable credits «good», jars need to create the rating system on which to estimate the degree of solvency and reliability of client. And for this purpose BKI must work on everything 100%. While they work on the stage of becoming, and a population began mass to take credits only pair of years back, so that many did not yet even pay a shot for the credits (especially on a mortgage).

What does give a bureau for borrowers?

Not having well functionings databases, jars are difficult it will be to give clients a cheap product. However, financiers declare that through god-dva to the client which has bad credit history, to get credits it will be simply impossible. And that, whoever not nearly has it, to get a loan it will be very difficult. Thus jars will stimulate clients to get the good indexes of payments on credit-side. As for those, who already now has conscientious history, jars declare that soon able them to give those terms which get in their separations the holders of salary cards. «Zarplatchikam» jars give a credit by it on 1-2% below, than to other clients.

However, nobody in booklets and does not specify indulgences in the case of good credit history. Real location at a bank it is possible to conquer only in case that a client has good history in a that bank.

While jars prefer to blame on imperfection of work of bureau, costliness of their services (2-3 dollars for history) and weak database. BKI lay jars to passivity and elementary avidity in regard to the borrowers. All of it results in low filled of bases of these bureaus, and as a result.

Well, and in respect of exemplary clients which want to get a return from the discipline, by him experts while advise to be credited at a the same bank. A bank will make abatement the old and tested clients and certainly will offer more cheap and large credit.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Teaching in Europe and financial help

Do you think about that, to depart to study for a border? Do you want to open the mind and make an attempt study in a multinational environment? Most European biznes-shkoly befit for this purpose. But remember that at financing of teaching in Europe you can run into some problems.

If really to look on a thing, these difficulties nothing as compared to that waits you in biznes-shkole (namely, educational loading). you will have to point a lot of certificates, count a money taking into account a currency national exchange rate, to be as possible more active. But there is nothing impossible for a clever university entrant, having a calculator and access in the Internet.

Many international educational establishments develop the web sites as first "ports of entrance" for future students. There are not doubts, that it to a full degree behaves to the process of handing in applications, and also to possibility of receipt of financial help.

Each the business-school determines the variants of financial help foreign students variously. State loans are usually inaccessible foreigners, also it is enough difficult to get will eat for a private creditor, especially if you do not have a guarantor among the habitants of this country.

Canadian biznes-shkoly offer teaching on more low prices, than American and European schools. However for them the enough limited number of the programs of crediting and financing of teaching. It is needed to remember about it, making a decision, in what school to submit documents.

In most cases, the process of distributing of financial help begins since you are included, but to begin to be engaged in its search (and also filling of all of necessary for this purpose documents, if it is possible) it is needed yet on the stage of serve of documents in business-school. Many of the anchorwomen of European biznes-shkol are offered by the different variants of financing of teaching, including for foreign students.

International program of loans

To the number European biznes-shkol, which can be named truly international, French INSEAD, founded in 1959 belongs. Exactly a year ago INSEAD opened new kampus in Singapore, and now any of 700 students can be taught on a choice either in France or in Singapore, within the framework of single school conception "one school, two kampusa".

Enabled the accepted student to finance teaching by means of the program INSEAD/ABN Amro Global Loan Program, specially developed for foreign students.

A credit chart, accessible to any student, regardless of his nationality, is offered school at a collaboration with the bank of ABN Amro Bank, and covers all of cost of teaching ( and it is approximately 27,900 Euros, or $29,850). A credit is given out under the low fixed percent, and does not require a guarantee.

However much this credit covers the personal charges and expenses on a residence, in addition, for the receipt of loan a student is required the notarized copy of letter about put in INSEAD, filled form of documents on the receipt of credit, two letters of introduction, copy of resume, and finally, passport. Except for everything aforesaid, a student, applying on a loan, must personally pass an interview in one their branches of bank of ABN Amro. Students must have good credit history also.

London Business School concluded the similar agreeing with HSBC Bank, one of the largest banks of the world. A credit, given out this credit establishment, is accessible to the student of any nationality. He covers expenses on teaching (18,000 pound for 1 or $27,000) and residence, and the same is quite nelishnim for dear and fashionable London.

But there are a few terms which are imposed on a borrower, in particular, the last must have a bank account HSBC Bank during all of period of crediting. (Some creditors stipulate as the special condition that a borrower must fully liquidate a loan, if he does not settle down on work or right after completion of studies rides in the home country).

Financing subject to the conditions, friendly to the foreign citizens. If you consider that all of biznes-shkoly must give foreigners financing on favourable terms, it follows you to know about Oxford school of Said. There is not a department of financial help at this school.

A manager on marketing of school of Said explains it so: «A great deal depends on a student, he must try to find acceptable to itself grants in the home country». If you are not one of those candidates which «go» hunting for grantami on a motherland, you have a chance to get 27.750 dollars, as it takes a place from 67%-тами students.

On the web site of school of Said there is a lot of information about financing of teaching, therefore he can be examined as a starting point of search of grant. At searches pay a regard to such requirements, as "obligatory work is in Poland", "ability fluently to talk Arabic" or something other, that can disqualify you as a candidate.

Candidates from around the world. In swiss школеIMD the unique approach is to financing. A cost of the one-year program of teaching is 30.000 dollars. The general budget of student is made by almost 60.000 dollars, thus, teaching in IMD quite not cheap.

So high price is explanation that, why middle ages of students in IMD are 31 year. A magnificent on the beauty place attracts in IMD candidates from around the world (75% students to put in school worked outside the home country). From 85 accepted students about 25-30% require one or another sponsorship.

School is the very joined association: even program director MVA the name of every student knows. On grants and loans school selects approximately 1.5 million dollars. These facilities are distributed by advice of former students of school: in advice enter on one graduating student from every class. This system exceptionally well befits school of IMD: for all the time there was only one case, when a student did not fulfil a commitment on payment long.

Have auto but have not loan? Auto loan - is your choise.

Loan in security for an auto: is it needed to go to the risk or not?

There always are moments, when a money is quickly needed. Who did not have such position in which on a wall ready to climb, to get a money? And whatever only people do, to decide this problem! Ask to lend at acquaintances. More frequent than all, certainly, they are answered «no». Friends also not especially can help in this question. And who will want to trust the friendship a debt? «Burning» credits in a jar promise you a lot of trouble with documents and high percents. Comes even to that domestic relicts or simply valuable property are for a sale. It is a that variant, in which you lose both things and money, as there is for a sale all at very low price.

Today in a jar not problem, but on its registration time will be required. By the most acceptable and simple method to get a rapid credit, there is a loan in security for an auto.

Market of grant of services of crediting such already very as well developed. Considerable competition between bank lombards and private, allows to choose the best variant.

An autolombard - it in fact a that lombard which gives out a money under an outpost anything. Simply under an outpost in this case give a car. If you want to get a credit in security for a car, at you must be PTS is a technical passport of car, certificate at registrations and, certainly, passport. If you design a loan in security for the car trusted you, a passport is needed that, who to you trusted him and directly warrant.

In order that to get in an autolombard a credit in security for a car, it is needed preliminary to reveal to the employee of lombard information of your auto. An employee preliminary will estimate a credit sum in security. If you will be arranged by the condition precedents of delivery of loan in this lombard, it will must you drive up on your auto directly, in a lombard. Here an expert examines a car and checks up the presence of all of necessary documents. Drawn up a warrant on a car on a person, presenting a lombard, a credit agreement on which we design the mortgage of car is prepared. Then a machine surrenders on the guarded stand, and you get a money in security for a car.

A credit in security for an auto implies that Your car is guaranteed by the return of this credit, therefore he constantly will be on the parking place of lombard and you for a time, while will not return the fixed sum, will use a public transport.

If you are frightened by an idea about that can happen with a favourite machine in a that period, when you will not be able after it to watch, it follows you will calm down. It follows you to honour an agreement attentively, where you will find a point in which meant, that he is responsible for integrity and safety of Your car. And, in addition, by then, while you will not return a debt, insurance which is given by an autolombard spreads on Your machine.

Even if you are not directly the proprietor of car, you however can get a credit in security in an autolombard. All, that needs you, it to have a general warrant of proprietor and be the first trusted person. Money in security for cars it is today possible to get even if an auto does not stand on an account in GIBDD. If you will be in a position each month to pay the sum of percents on credit-side, certain lombards will be able you to give out a credit on more protracted term.

Do you know, from what receipt of credit in an autolombard the most rapid and comfortable method to get a money, not outlaying forces and nerves? Because fully all of procedure of registration takes a place on one place. In one building for you examine a car, check up documents and give out you a money. A hour leaves no more than on it. Do not you find it a comfort?

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