Sunday, May 4, 2008

Loan in security for an auto: is it needed to go to the risk or not?

There always are moments, when a money is quickly needed. Who did not have such position in which on a wall ready to climb, to get a money? And whatever only people do, to decide this problem! Ask to lend at acquaintances. More frequent than all, certainly, they are answered «no». Friends also not especially can help in this question. And who will want to trust the friendship a debt? «Burning» credits in a jar promise you a lot of trouble with documents and high percents. Comes even to that domestic relicts or simply valuable property are for a sale. It is a that variant, in which you lose both things and money, as there is for a sale all at very low price.

Today in a jar not problem, but on its registration time will be required. By the most acceptable and simple method to get a rapid credit, there is a loan in security for an auto.

Market of grant of services of crediting such already very as well developed. Considerable competition between bank lombards and private, allows to choose the best variant.

An autolombard - it in fact a that lombard which gives out a money under an outpost anything. Simply under an outpost in this case give a car. If you want to get a credit in security for a car, at you must be PTS is a technical passport of car, certificate at registrations and, certainly, passport. If you design a loan in security for the car trusted you, a passport is needed that, who to you trusted him and directly warrant.

In order that to get in an autolombard a credit in security for a car, it is needed preliminary to reveal to the employee of lombard information of your auto. An employee preliminary will estimate a credit sum in security. If you will be arranged by the condition precedents of delivery of loan in this lombard, it will must you drive up on your auto directly, in a lombard. Here an expert examines a car and checks up the presence of all of necessary documents. Drawn up a warrant on a car on a person, presenting a lombard, a credit agreement on which we design the mortgage of car is prepared. Then a machine surrenders on the guarded stand, and you get a money in security for a car.

A credit in security for an auto implies that Your car is guaranteed by the return of this credit, therefore he constantly will be on the parking place of lombard and you for a time, while will not return the fixed sum, will use a public transport.

If you are frightened by an idea about that can happen with a favourite machine in a that period, when you will not be able after it to watch, it follows you will calm down. It follows you to honour an agreement attentively, where you will find a point in which meant, that he is responsible for integrity and safety of Your car. And, in addition, by then, while you will not return a debt, insurance which is given by an autolombard spreads on Your machine.

Even if you are not directly the proprietor of car, you however can get a credit in security in an autolombard. All, that needs you, it to have a general warrant of proprietor and be the first trusted person. Money in security for cars it is today possible to get even if an auto does not stand on an account in GIBDD. If you will be in a position each month to pay the sum of percents on credit-side, certain lombards will be able you to give out a credit on more protracted term.

Do you know, from what receipt of credit in an autolombard the most rapid and comfortable method to get a money, not outlaying forces and nerves? Because fully all of procedure of registration takes a place on one place. In one building for you examine a car, check up documents and give out you a money. A hour leaves no more than on it. Do not you find it a comfort?

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